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The Canadian Rockies are stunning and a definite highlight during a trip to Western Canada! The route from Vancouver to Calgary has everything from crystal blue lakes to lush green forests! You can even enjoy sandy beaches and of course mountain peaks along the route! It’s perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors! Every day you’ll wake up to the mountains; be blown away by the stunning scenery and enjoy food from every corner of the world!

Based on my own adventure, here is my Canadian Rockies bucket list! Starting in Vancouver and ending In Banff. You should include these 9 experiences on your trip through The Canadian Rockies – you won’t be disappointed!!

Canadian Rockies Bucket List

#1 Stroll along the Sea Wall at Stanley Park

IMG_6761City meets park, nowhere does it better then Vancouver! Stanley Park is constantly voted one of the best parks in the world! You get to see the city skyline, ocean, beaches,mountains and ancient rainforests all in one trail! It’s a 10k walk and it’s a great start to to your Canadian adventure!

#2 Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge

IMG_6616.JPG70m high and 137m long, the bride gives a spectacular view of the Capilano River and surrounding areas! Do you dare? It’s an easy walk (not too wobbly) with stunning views! Check out the cliffwalk and treetops adventure too!

#3 Ride the Peak 2 Peak at Whistler

IMG_7384.JPGWhistler is magical! Hands down one of my favourite days in Canada! Ride the gondola/open air chairlifts to the top of the mountain for an adventure filled day! There are great views of the landscape and plenty of hikes ranging in difficulty. The coolest part is the gondola between the 2 peaks, the only one of its kind in the world! I recommend going up one side of the mountain and down the other to get the full experience.

#4 Spot a bear on the Blue River Safari

IMG_7672Seeing bears up close in the wild is a pretty special experience and there is no better way then a Blue River safari! You are in an open air boat and get to see bears in their natural environment! You may even get to see one swim! (Awesome!)

#5 Go hiking in Jasper National Park

IMG_8413Canada is well known for world class hiking and Jasper National Park is the largest Park in the Rockies. Jasper townsite is in a good base and it’s pretty remote! There are so many hiking options, my favourite view has to Pyramid Lake – so peaceful!

#6 Go on a Glacier walk at Columbia Icefields

IMG_7965The Icefields Parkway, connects Jasper to Banff, is one of he most scenic drives in the world! There are lots of stops along the route to take in the view but a highlight is a trip to Columbia Icefields. Take a guided walk on the Athabasca Glacier and you’ll feel like a true Ice explorer! During the summer the glacier is melting and you get to see streams and waterfalls. It is exhilarating (a little scary too) and a memorable experience. If you don’t fancy a a hike you can take a snow coach tour or walk across the glass floored Sky Walk!

#7 Relax and take in the views at Lake Louise

IMG_8074Lake Louise is a gem of the Rockies with its vibrant blue, crystal clear, glacial fed lake. It’s absolutely breathtaking and there is nowhere quite like it! You can hike to the famous tea house; canoe on the lake or simply just enjoy the view! During winter you can skate, snowshoe and dogsled – pretty cool! You have to spend a day here on your trip!

#8 Take ride on the Banff gondola

IMG_8319Banff is a small, charming Canadian mountain town in the Rockies and is surround by the beautiful Bow Valley! Taking a ride on the Banff gondola will give you great panoramic views of the town and scenery! Just stunning!

#9 Try a Nanaimo bar

IMG_7941.JPGThis is a delicious Canadian dessert from British Columbia and you have to try it once during your trip! Traditionally it’s got 3 layers and is made from a crumbly biscuit and coconut base, a custard filling in the middle and a chocolate layer on top. Yum! Another favourite sweet treat is ice cream from COWS in Banff or Whistler – it’s incredible and well worth the queues! If biscuits are you thing then why not try a maple sandwich cookie – the crem dela crem!

So there we have it – my Canadian Rockies bucket list! These were some of my favourite experiences and adventures in Western Canada and I’m sure you’ll love them too! The Canadian Rockies is truly spectacular and an adventure of a lifetime!

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Until next time – where will your next adventure take you?

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  1. Moriah Joy says:

    Oh my gosh, this seems like such a fun list! My husband and I are planning a road trip through the US and Canada some time next summer, and I’m definitely bookmarking this page and seeing if there’s anything he wants to do. Personally, that bridge sounds awe-inspiring!

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