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Many countries sound the world have their own unique twist on Valentine’s Day celebrations alongside gifting: cards, chocolates, flowers and romantic meals. Here are 5 Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world!

5 Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World


On Valentine’s Day men send woman a “gaekkebrev” which is a funny/joking poem, love letter or rhyme on cut out paper. It is anonymous and signed only with the amount of dots in the man’s name. If the woman guesses correctly then she is owed an Easter Egg but if she can’t work it out then she owes the man an Easter Egg!


St Valentine is the saint of spring and 14th February marks the first working day in the fields and vineyards. It is traditional to observe birds mating by walking through the fields barefoot! (Even over frozen ground!)


This has to be my favourite tradition and it’s for all the single people out there! On the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, woman write their phone numbers on oranges and throw them into rivers in the hope that the man of their dreams will find the fruit and call them! Fruit sellers often collect the oranges and sell them as lucky fruit!


In Japan, it is traditional that woman buy the men in their lives chocolate on Valentine’s Day and this is differentiated by the two type of chocolate that are given. “Giri-choco” which translates as obligation chocolate is given to close male friends, bosses and colleagues and is not a romantic gesture. The second type of chocolate is “Honmei-choco” which is given to lovers, boyfriends and husbands. A month later, 14th March, “White Day” is celebrated where men reciprocates the gesture by buying woman white chocolate!


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate friendship with people you care about the most instead of love!

Happy Valentine’s Day no matter how you are celebrating it! I’d love to hear your traditions in the comments below!

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