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What do Iceland, Canada and Norway all have in common? Is it breathtaking scenery? A love for the outdoors? Being a happy place to live? All the above and you guessed it – they have stunning beaches! In fact, these are some of my favourite beaches in the world! (Just look at the photos to get a glimpse why!) The beach is one of my favourite places to relax and I loved the tranquility in these places; much more enjoyable then the popular beach destinations. Here are 3 stunning beaches in unexpected locations that I discovered on my travels!

Reynisfjara Beach – Iceland

IMG_0344Reynisfjara Beach is located in South Iceland and what makes it so special is the black sand which is formed from volcanic rock and the iconic basalt columns formed from cooled lava flow! It’s a stunning place and I highly recommend visiting! It’s a very different experience from your typical beach as it’s exposed to the Atlantic Ocean which means you can really feel the force of the waves crashing onto the shore.The waves get pretty high here and the tide can change rapidly because of the wind so it can be dangerous if you are not careful. In fact it’s named “death beach” by the locals and sadly tourists die every year from not being aware of the power of nature. So if you visit take notice of the signs and your surroundings!I still talk about Iceland 2 years on from my trip and it’s places like this that make it so memorable!

The Beaches Of Stanley Park, Vancouver – Canada

Oh the great Canadian outdoors, what’s not to love! Stanley Park is one of the best park’s in the world as you can enjoy: old cedar rainforests; the mountains; beautiful flower gardens and of course the beach in one place! This is an incredible 9 km walk and my top recommendation when visiting Vancouver! Walking along the sea wall takes 2-3 hours and it’s enjoyable with plenty of viewpoints on the way. I’m a little bit jealous that this is only a stone’s throw away from the city centre!

Telegrafbukta Beach, Tromso – Norway

IMG_9722Another one on my favourite beaches as its both beautiful and peaceful! What makes it so special that you’ve got the sea, sand and mountains all in one place! (I was in heaven!) Standing alone on the shore, watching the sunrise and appreciating the silence is an experience I won’t ever forget!

So if you are looking for something different why not visit one of these stunning beaches? They each offer something unique and are different from the normal beach holiday!

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