Top 5 Tips For Keeping Warm When Visiting Scandinavia In Winter – Inspires Adventure

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

This famous Norwegian saying is very true! If you wrap up warm. you can enjoy the outdoors during winter and there is nowhere more magical to visit then Scandinavia! I highly recommend you  go on an adventure to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Iceland during the winter at least once in your lifetime! You’ll not only be amazed by the stunning scenery but also surprised by the range of adventurous activities you can try! I often get asked how I survive the freezing temperatures on my adventures! Here are my top 5 tips for keeping warm when visiting Scandinavia during the winter!

Top 5 Tips For Keeping Warm When Visiting Scandinavia In Winter

Eat A Warm Meal

Before heading outside ensure you have eaten a hot meal. This will not only warm you up but give you energy when you are outside ( Remember you burn more calories in the cold!) and keep you warmer for longer!

Wear Layers

Layering is the best strategy to keep you warm! Begin with a thermal top and leggings (you can even get thermal underwear) and this must be the layer closest to your skin to work best. Follow this by a fleece, hoodie and trousers – adding as many layers as you think you’ll need. (Jeans are perfectly fine!) Remember to choose breathable and quick drying material especially for tops as when you sweat it will make you feel cold. Wool is actually the best material for keeping warm but super expensive! A waterproof jacket is also essential as you get colder quicker when you get wet and the weather can change quickly.

Wear Winter Accessories

You loose the most heat through your: head, groin, armpits, toes and fingers! In fact,  you loose the most heat through your head! Therefore a woolly/thermal hat, gloves/mittens,  woollen socks and a scarf are essential to keep warm. You  want to avoid exposing skin to the elements wherever possible!

Unzip Your Jacket When Inside Busses/Cars/Shops/ Restaurants/Trains

This may seem like a weird tip but it actually works very well! The logic behind it is that your jacket acts as a blanket and traps the air around you. If you leave your jacket open when inside and zip it up just before going outside, it’ll trap a layer of warm air between you and your jacket; keeping you that little bit warmer! Similarly, if you come in from outside remember to open your jacket as soon as possible as you will get warmer quicker as the cold air is replaced by the warm air. Clever, right?

Wear A Pair Of Gloves And A Pair Of Mittens 

This is a great tip from Sami Ken and it makes perfect sense when you think about it!  Firstly, you wear a thin pair of fingerless gloves which allows you to use your hands as normal. Then on top of this, you wear a thick pair of mittens to keep your hands warm! (Mittens are best for warmth as your fingers aren’t separated!) This way you get the best of both worlds as you can easily have full functionality of your hands when necessary and still keep your fingers warm! (Especially useful if you are taking photos!)

Now you know how to keep warm on your adventure to Scandinavia, there is no reason not to plan a winter trip! Need some inspiration on where to visit? Read about my adventures to Iceland and Norway!

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