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Soaring peaks, crystal blue glacial lakes and rugged terrain: welcome to the mountains! As part of International Mountain Day we celebrate the reasons to love the mountains!

Mountains are found on every continent, on land, under the sea and even on planets such as Mars! In fact, 1/5 of the earth’s surface is covered by mountains and they are home to 13% of the world’s population! Here are 5 reasons to love being in the mountains!

Love The Mountains

Breathtaking Landscapes

IMG_8413The mountains are truly beautiful in every season and the unique natural landscape captivating! whether you walk, ski or take a chairlift, exploring the mountains is an experience you won’t forget!

Sense Of Achievement

Hiking a mountain path of any level makes the view more rewarding somehow! Not to mention all the stops you get to discover along the way too! The feeling of pride and accomplishment from the challenge is great!


Experiencing silence with maybe the howling wind or some birdsong! There is nowhere more peaceful then sitting on a mountain top, a great place to relax and think!

The Views

15493776_10210008975633213_1492722973480013454_oTaking in the view and watching the world go by from up high is an amazing feeling! It’s a different perspective to see the world for sure!


Having the opportunity to appreciate nature and experience outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and stargazing! Fresh mountain air is intoxicating (In a good way!) and makes you happier! (Or is that just me?)

I love being in the mountains but sadly out mountains are under pressure.

International Mountain Day 2017 – Do Your Bit!

IMG_9963.JPGThe mountains are magical for all the reasons above but life can be tough in this harsh, ever changing environment. Did you know that: climate change, hunger and rural to urban migration are threatening mountain communities around the world today? Mountains are a vital part of the global ecosystem and therefore matter to everyone. So how can your bit? Help reduce climate change by: buying local produce; recycling and walking instead of driving to name a few ideas! For more information about the UN International Mountain Day campaign visit: http://www.un.org/en/events/mountainday/

Enjoy your next mountain adventure!

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Until next time – where will your next adventure take you?

Inspires Adventure 

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