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What is it like to go reindeer sledding across snowy, untouched landscapes? It’s a truly magical experience to sled across the Arctic wilderness! Here’s your guide on what to expect on your reindeer sledding experience!


This is an easy activity that everyone can enjoy! You’ll be be driven out to a base camp, kitted out in warm clothing and shown to your sled! All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride! It’s a very relaxing experience for all ages which involves very little effort.

You Need Snow
Reindeer sledding is a winter activity, although it can be in done in the summer, so you need to visit Scandinavia when there is snow! December through to February typically has the best snowfall! (If it’s not deep enough your ride may get cancelled.) The snow also makes for a scenic ride and you’ll feel like an true Artic explorer!


Go In The Daytime
I personally feel a daytime reindeer sled ride is the best option as you’ll be able to see everything and experience it fully! Some tours are offered under the Northern Lights but remember you won’t be able to see where you’re going properly as you’ll only have headtorches which may feel disorientating. Also remember the nights are cooler…!

Wrap Up Warmly
Siting stationary on a sled in sub zero temperatures gets cold pretty quickly. Sledding is not a particularly fast activity so it’s important to wrap up! Gloves, Scarf and a hat are a must as you are exposed to the elements. Agree to the blanket or extra layer of clothing if offered – you’ll thank yourself! The ride can last for over an hour so if you are cold you simply won’t enjoy it.


Go With A Sami Family
The Sami who live in the Arctic Wilderness are the best people to teach you about this ancient form of transportation. They are the native people of Norway, Sweden and Finland and are traditionally known for reindeer herding! A tour with a Sami family is friendly, insightful and a cultural experience that you won’t forget! The family I went with in Tromso were really welcoming and happy to teach us about their way of life! (So fascinating learning about all the traditions!) It made for an authentic experience and a special memory!

The Sled
The sled itself will be made of wood and will normally have cushions. (A luxury!) It’ll be close to the ground so you will feel every bump – it’s the wildness after all!


Reindeer are only semi-domesticated which means they are used to human interaction but are still wild animals. They are actually quite skittish and get startled by sudden movements and loud noises! You are unlikely to have any issues but just remember not to make too much noise or jerky movements around them. You may get a chance to pet them, if you do they are super soft!

Appreciate The View
Sit back, relax and soak in the scenery! There’s not many times in your life you’ll be sledding across the Artic wilderness! It’s truly beautiful watching the mountains and forests pass you by!

That’s my guide to reindeer sledding based on my visit to Tromso! (Read about my adventure here!)

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  1. Sartenada says:


    In Finland, everyone can participate in reindeer race, which is free and open for everyone.

    Reindeer race.

    This is great fun.

    Happy and safe travels.


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