7 Tips For Going Northern Lights Hunting – Inspires Adventure

I was lucky to see the Northern Lights on both my Norway and Iceland adventures! Here are a few handy and practical tips when hunting the Northern Lights!

Clear Skies
You need to find a location with clear skies and ideally be able to see the stars! If there is a light cloud cover then the wind may shift direction during the night and there could be a clearing. If there is thick cloud cover then you’ll be very unlikely to see the Northern Lights.

A Dark Place
For the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights clearly you need to find a spot away from all the light pollution! (Aka out of the city!) Your eyes will adjust to the darkness better and you’ll be able to see the show more easily! Of course if the lights dance over the city you’ll be able to see them there too!

Warm Clothes
Being outside into the early hours of the morning in sub zero temperatures won’t be enjoyable if you are cold! It’s important to wrap up warm as you’ll feel quite cold from standing/siting for long periods of time exposed to the elements!

You’ll want to take photos so remember to take your camera/phone! For really good photos you’ll need a manual/DSLR camera or you can give it a go on your phone with the help of an app like I did! (Read about the Northern Lights Photo Taker App)

A handy tip I was given and I’ll share with you is to take a tripod! You must keep still for about 10 seconds due to using a long exposure and slow shutter speed! It may seem like a short amount of time but try holding still in the freezing cold…! (You’ll get blurry photos otherwise and no one wants that!)

It can be a long night waiting for the lights to come out and dance! Why not grab some snacks from a local supermarket? (Trying new confectionary is one of my favourite things when travelling!)

At the end of the day the Northern Lights are a natural phernomumun so you need a little bit of luck on your side! Be patient and hopeful you’ll get to see them on your trip!

Happy Northern Lights hunting!

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Until next time – where will your next adventure take you?

Inspires Adventure 

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  1. thatlittlevoiceofme says:

    great tips Super Krupa, northern lights are on my travel bucket list..

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