Can You Take Northern Lights Photos On A Phone?

This is the million dollar question for the traveller without an expensive, hi-tech camera!

And the answer is….drum roll please… yes! It is possible to take Northern Lights Photos on your phone with the help of an app!

This is a question I googled extensively before my trip to Norway and the I read about an app called The Northern Lights Photo Taker.  Truthfully, I wasn’t too sure that it would work but decided to download it and give it a go anyway! The app essentially adjusts settings such as exposure and shutter speed which can be manually set on a DSLR camera.

I was not dissapointed and am amazed by the photos – I would highly recommend downloading it! (At £0.99 it’s a bargain!)

Just look at these photos…!



Of course they won’t be as high quality as a DSLR camera but they are still pretty awesome!

Happy Northern Lights hunting!

Until next time – Inspire Adventures!

Disclaimer – this is based purely on my own experience and results may vary.

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  1. loveourearth says:

    Ah thanks for the tip! I didn’t even give this a thought haha silly me. Going to norway next year so ill be sure to give it a shot 🙂


    1. Your Welcome – hope you enjoy your trip to Norway! 😊

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