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Visiting Tromso as part of an adventure to Norway? Not sure how to plan your day in the largest city in Northern Norway? I spent 5 days in Tromso during November 2017 and here is a guide for a 24 hour adventure in the city!

8:30am – Eat A Warm Breakfast Eating a substantial warm breakfast before you set out for the day is very important as this will mean you stay warmer for longer; making your time outdoors more enjoyable! The Arctic climate means that the weather conditions can change quickly and it can get pretty cold/windy so you need to keep up your energy levels!

9:00am – Walk Along The Marina to Telegrafbukta Beach               As the city begins to wake up take a morning stroll along the waterfront to the beach! (Promise you won’t regret it, it’s serene and stunning!) it’s an easy 40 minute walk from the centre of town, heading East along the seafront and passing the Artic Cathedral and mountains on the opposite side! Keep going along the winding path towards the mountains and for your efforts, you will be rewarded with this view!


It’s absolutely breathtaking and peaceful and it’s hard to believe this spot it’s so close to the city! Walk along the pier, enjoy the silence, rest on a bench, you get my drift…! In November, watching the Arctic sunrise over the ocean and seeing the sky change all the different colours is truly magical!

11am – Visit the Polaria            Stop off on the Polaria on your way back to town and visit the aquarium to: see seals; learn about the science behind the Northern Lights; watch a video on Svalbard and consider the human impact on the polar environment!

12pm – Walk along Storgata    This is the main shopping street in Tromso and is the heart of the city! It’s lined with cute shops, restaurants and cafes! You can also
visit Mack’s which is the world’s most northernmost brewery!

1pm – Have Lunch At Emma’s Dream Kitchen
This is a cute restaurant that serves authentic Norwegian food and is located off the Main Street near Tromso Cathedral. It’s really welcoming and the food is fresh and delicious!

2pm – Take The Cable Car Up The Mountain

Catch bus 26 to the Cable Car station to get an incredible view of the city! It’s a 4 minute ride over a 421m elevation gain to the top! Make sure to enjoy the view from both sides and if you time it right you can see the city light up at night! There is also a nice cafe to warm up and soak in the view!

4pm – Visit the Arctic Cathedral
Catch the bus back into town but stop off at the Arctic Cathedral and admire the architecture from inside and out! Once finished, walk across Tromso Bridge back to the city!


IMG_9101I recommend grabbing dinner and then heading out for a fun evening activity! Finish the day by: chasing the Northern Lights; reindeer sledging; dog sledging; spending time with a Sami family or a night hike/snowshoe! Remember alcohol is extremely expensive so it’s better spending your Krona on an adventurous activity you’ll remember forever!

Need more inspiration? Read about my top 10 things to do in Tromso! 

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Inspires Adventure 

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  1. Oh, the northern lights!! 👌


    1. The Adventures of Super Krupa says:

      They are pretty spectacular if you get to see them!!!💚


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