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Ever wondered what it’s like to visit the Arctic? Venture to untouched wilderness? Get a glimpse of what life may be like for people living in these regions?

Tromsø, the gateway to the Arctic, is located in Northern Norway and is perfect for a winter trip for the adventure seeker and nature lover! You can fly into Tromsø Airport or get a regional bus via Narvik.

The landscape is absolutely breathtaking, there are loads of activities to try and you can enjoy the peace of the Arctic wilderness!Here are some highlights from my adventure and my top 10 things to do in Tromsø!

Visit The Arctic Wilderness

The outdoors is an important feature of the Norwegian way of life and I can understand why! Take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and silence of the Arctic wilderness! The landscape is stunning and it’s nice to enjoy the peace away from the hustle and bustle! I highly recommend a trip to the neighbouring islands of Kvaløya for the fjords/mountains and Sommaroy for sandy beaches!

See the Fjords


The fjords are pretty spectacular too – what a beautiful view!

Telegrafbukta Beach

It’s not often you get to see sand, sea, mountains and ice in one place! A morning walk to Telegrafbukta Beach to enjoy the sunrise is breathtaking and it is an easy 40 minutes walk from the centre of town! It’s an absolutely beautiful place!

Northern Lights Chase

IMG_9101.JPGTromsø is located in the Northern Light belt and and there is a pretty good chance you’ll get to see them here! It was incredible to see a whole sky full of stars, the dancing green lights and enjoy the show whilst sitting around a fire! As it’s a natural occurrence, remember to wrap up warm and hope luck is on your side!

Ride The Cable Car Up Mt Storsteinen

IMG_9314.JPGThe view is a simply breathtaking! You get a panoramic view of Tromsø, the fjords,mountains and the sea! It’s pretty amazing watching the sky turn all the different colours and the city light up at night! In the summer you can also hike the 421 meters up the mountain!

Reindeer Sledging

Reindeer Sledging was a fun experience and it was very relaxing watching the Lyngen Alps go by! It’s not a particularly fast paced ride but you get to feel like Santa by sitting on a wooden sleigh being pulled along by several reindeer!


The Polaria is the place to see seals if you don’t see any in the wild! The aquarium also has fish and other sea life which is pretty cool! The cinema shows interesting documentaries on the Northern Lights and Svalbard! (It’s on the list!)

Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is a highlight of the city skyline with its distinct triangular shape! (Inspired by a rock formation!) It’s very pretty lit up at night with soft blue lighting!


Storgata, the main street in the city, is lined with cute shops and restaurants/cafes! Mack’s is located along this street and is the world’s most northernmost brewery and Coca-Cola bottling plant! The Norwegian waffles were a treat!

Learn about Sami Culture

IMG_9570.JPGThe Sami are the indigenous people of Norway and have reindeer herding in their blood! In fact, the Sami own all the reindeer in Norway and it’s illegal to kill one! It’s really fascinating to learn about the traditions, culture and clothing and there is no one better to teach you about keeping warm outside! My favourite moment was a performance of a Sami Joik which is a special song that uniquely describes a person/place by tempo and is a truly beautiful and emotional piece of music! The warmth and kindness from the group I visited is something I’ll remember forever and it was interesting to learn about how the modern day Sami live!

Norway has definitely captured a piece of my heart and I look forward to visiting again one day!

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Until next time – where will your next adventure take you?

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    1. The Adventures of Super Krupa says:

      Thanks! There is something magical about Artic Europe – one to add to your weekend adventures!

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  1. Marvin says:

    Sounds like a great place to visit! We are looking for a place to see the Northern Lights and will add this to our list of potentials.

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