5 Reasons Why I Love Travelling – Inspires Adventure

Holiday season is just around the corner and I can’t wait for my next adventure! Travel is never too far from my mind as I’m either writing or planning my next trip! Here are my 5 top reasons why I love travelling so much!

Visit New Places
I love exploring so visiting new places has to be my top reason! It’s exciting picking a travel destination and planning an itinerary with activities, tours and sightseeing! It’s a chance to: try new experiences; learn about new cultures; see new landscapes; do things you love and live somewhere different for a short while! Reading about a place is one thing but visiting firsthand and experiencing it for yourself is another! It’s surprising how different both can be and your adventure will be unique!

Try New Food
I’m a Foodie so I enjoy nothing more then trying the local cuisine! Each country and region has its own speciality and a twist on the way they cook things! Trying traditional dishes is simply the best and you never know if you don’t try! I always try to go into a supermarket and buy some local snacks to enjoy too! I often come home wishing I knew how to cook some of the meals I’ve tried and reminisce about the food whilst flicking through photos!

Meet New People
You get to meet locals who are usually patriotic and are more than happy to tell you about their country and places you have to visit! Other travellers are great to meet too, it’s easy to talk about your trip and share stories and tips. I’ve made new friends from around the world and it’s so easy to keeping touch via social media! Meeting new people adds to the experience for sure!

Relaxation Time
It’s nice to get away from the normal routine and plan as much or as little structure to the day as you wish. It’s great to get some ‘me’ time and do things you enjoy and don’t get to do often! It’s a great feeling coming back home refreshed and energised!

Grow As A Person
Each time I  travel, I plan to try new things and push myself out of my comfort zone! Some things I’d never even imagined me tryimg and will live long in my memory!

Some of my favourite experiences are from travelling! Check out 7 Reasons To Travel While You’re Young for some more inspiration!

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Until Next Time – Inspires Adventure! 

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