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Stop right there! Leave all your preconceptions behind. Get ready to read what’s it’s like to visit Naples; the birthplace of the Pizza! Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, The Amalfi Coast and Capri are also easy to reach from here!

Naples makes a perfect base due to its: rich history with plenty of sites to explore; good transportation links (Airport, train, Metro, Port); a lively atmosphere (the city has a buzz and really does come alive at night!); lots of options for tours and it’s relatively cheap! It’s perfectly safe, you just need to apply common sense and be aware of your surroundings just like in any other city. Take care in crossing roads as scooters weave in and out but they will stop and won’t run you over! So what can you see and do in Naples and it’s surrounding areas?


Naples is rich with historical sites due to being a former Greek and Roman city. The historical centre is easy to walk around and a city walking tour with a local is a great way to learn about the city! A good walk is from Piazza Dante which is in the historic centre along via Toledo which is the main shopping street. This will bring you to Piazza del Plebiscito which is in Royal Naples and down towards the seafront! Ovo Castle is a good place for sea views and it’s free entry! If you are looking for a view of the city, take the funicular to Castle Sant’Elmo as you can see fantastic panoramic views of the city from here! The Vomero district is also a nice area to wonder around!

There is plenty of food to try whilst you are here and the best part is that it’s freshly made! Pizza originated from here so it’s the best here, gelato in every flavour imaginable, Sfogliatelle (pastry filled with ricotta and organ he flour) and Baba (pastry soaked in rum). The Street Food was really good too and I really liked: fried pizza, fried macaroni and cheese and potato croquettes! Drink wise fresh lemonade is refreshing, lemonchello is a strong alcoholic shot and of course coffee!


This is an incredible Roman archaeological site, preserved in its original state from the eruption in 79 AD. It provides an insight into Roman life and you can see: houses, the theatre, the Main Street, The Forum, the baths and the people. It’s a fascinating place to visit as it’s been left in its original state! I would recommend going early as it gets busy, you need about half a day to see it all. Take a guided tour to get an overview of the site and save some time for wondering by yourself!

Mt Vesuvius


Mt Vesuvius can be seen from the Bay of Naples and will probably feature in some of your photos. Did you know that you can climb this active volcano? The views are simply breathtaking (one of my favourite from my trip) and it’s not everyday you can gain the experience of climbing a Volcano! However this hike is not to be underestimated as it’s a 1 mile vertical ascend, it’s tough in the sun but doable with perseverance. Once at the top you can enjoy the view and see into and walk around the crater! The volcanos is currently sleeping but you can see steam coming out which is pretty cool! This was a definite highlight from my trip and remember what goes up must come down!

Amalfi Coast

Spending the day exploring the coast and visiting the picturesque towns is a good introduction to the Amalfi Coast. It’s a very scenic drive along winding cliff top roads, leaving you feeling on edge at times! It’s nice to wonder around the towns and take those postcard photos or go shopping! It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to spend more time next time!


Sorrento is a pretty port town along the coast! It has a nice main square, ideal for some shopping.


Positano is probably the most colourful of the towns and you can get some great fresh iced lemon juice here!


Amalfi is the most talked about town and it really does look just like the postcard pictures! The ice cream from here is really good too!


Ravello is in the mountains and is surrounded by greenery, it looks a little bit mysterious!

All the towns have their own charm! It’s pretty to visit in May as the flowers start blooming!


Spending a day on Capri is a very relaxing experience and offers a wide range of activities to suit everyone! I had so much fun here and the views are stunning! It’s easy to get to from the port in Naples. It takes 50 minutes on a Hydrofoil to Marina Grande which is the main port in Capri! It’s a small Island which only has 24 buses so you need to plan your day carefully! I personally took a tour for this trip and our guide Luigi expertly handled the logistics of getting around the Island!

The Blue Grotto is an amazing colour and it’s an experience you won’t forget going through the small cave in a rowboat!

Taking the Mamma Mia Road to Anacapri will leave you on the edge of your seat! It’s a steep, narrow, zigzag road but the view is well worth it! Anacapri is a small town, it’s more authentic and less touristy with local restaurants and shops selling authentic produce. Food wise why not try a Caprese Salad or Ravioli Capresi? (Both delicious and originated from the Island!) I highly recommend taking the chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro as the views are truly breathtaking of the whole island and the sea! The 13 minute chairlift ride is very relaxing too!

The town of Capri has many shops and a very expensive shopping street! A visit to the Gardens of Augustus was lovely with some some very pretty flowers and great views of the sea from the balcony!

I loved my time in Naples and exploring the surrounding areas!

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