Pisa – What to see and do – Inspires Adventure

The Italian City of Pisa has the UNESCO World Heritage site of Piazza dei Milacoli, which is home to the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! it’s a beautiful, Medieval square featuring the City Cathedral which the leaning Bell Tower is part of. In case you are wondering, the lean comes from a miscalculation in the foundation which meant the ground was too soft to carry the structures weight! The square has a relaxed atmosphere with a big open green space next to the Cathedral and is surrounded with medieval architecture and cobbled streets. It’s perfect for relaxing, soaking in the sun, enjoying an ice cream and taking some creative photos with the Tower of course! (You can even climb to the top if you wish!) This is definitely worth a visit on your trip to Italy, even if it’s just a quick stop!

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Inspires Adventure 

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