10 Easter Traditions From Around The World – Inspire Adventures

The Easter holidays are soon upon us and travelling over the 4 day break provides a special opportunity to experience the unique traditions of other countries! Here are 10 traditions that are different then my own of eating chocolate eggs and family walks!

Norway – Have a tradition called Paaskekrimmen where special crime/mystery books are published to be read during the Easter holidays!

Poland – On Easter Monday the tradition of Śmigus Dyngus is observed where men throw buckets of water over woman’s heads.

USA – The president holds the annual Easter egg roll at The White House.

Australia – Rabbits are considered an invasive species and therefore a pest. The Easter bunny is replaced with the Easter Bilby – an animal similar to a rabbit!

Southern France – In the town of Haux a giant omelette is made on Easter Monday!

Bermuda – On Good Friday kites are flown on the beach alongside eating codfish cakes!

Scotland – Easter Egg rolling competitions are held down steep hills and the winner is the person whose egg goes the furthest without breaking!

Bulgaria – There are Easter egg fights and it is said that those who have an unbroken egg at the end are set for a successful year!

Sweden – kids dress up as witches and knock on neighbours doors for sweets!

Greece – In Corfu pots are thrown out of kitchen windows on Saturday!

Finland – Kids plant grass seeds which symbolises that spring is coming!

Share your Easter experiences!

Happy Easter! Until next time! #InspireAdventures

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