A taste of Eastern Europe: 5 foods to try – Inspire Adventures

Trying local cuisine is one of the best parts of the holiday experience! Here’s a few suggestions if you’re in Eastern Europe:

1. Pierogi – Poland


These are dumplings filled with potato and cheese! Seriously delicious and surprisingly filling! (There are meat alternatives too!)

2. Potato Pancakes – Czech Republic


A twist on the sweet pancakes – if you love potatoes you’ll love these!

3. Deep fried cheese – Hungry


This traditional dish is deep fried cheese coated in breadcrumbs. It also comes with rice, sour cream and tartar sauce. (Personally I wasn’t a big fan but I didn’t stay hungry –  see the blog image!)

4. Trdelník – Czech Republic


This is a hollow, cone shaped pastry that’s sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It’s filled with ice cream and fruit! It’s amazing street food and not to be missed!

5. Bean soup – Slovakia

A traditional soup made with a variety of beans and root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. A very hearty starter indeed!

Do you agree? Feel free to suggest your favourites in the comments!

Until next time! #InspireAdventures

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